This is a special year for us, an important milestone but we also like to think that we are only at the beginning.
Thirty years ago our family embarked on a journey that brought us to meet many different people from all over Italy and Europe, without moving away from Cesenatico. Are you wondering how this is possible?
We will tell you our story.


It was the '90s when Giorgio Magi, our father, took over the Hotel Garden. The photo taken on the terrace shows him with Silvana, owner of the hotel. In that moment began the adventure that every summer involves the whole family in working in the hotel, each with their own role.


Every season becomes an opportunity to find loyal customers who, as time goes by, become friends, who compete in exciting football matches against customers of nearby hotels, chat at the bar until late in the evening, until they receive the prize of loyal customer like Mrs. Carolina Perego in 2014.


The years have passed, the family has grown and so have the children who have joined the management of new hotels such as the Hotel Massimo, which is now no longer part of the Magi group and the new Hotel De La Ville opened in 2017.


If we have come this far, it's thanks to you, the guests who have come to visit us over the years. From Salvatore Lucerna, true mascot of the Garden, to the Fratini, Lopez, Migliaccio families and the sports teams that never miss the Nove Colli.
We go forward with the renewed energy that you bring to us every summer and that confirms your affection for us and appreciation for the work we do.

Thank you for these #30 Magicyears, to all of you and those to come!
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A day in the Garden

Just woke up Homemade pastries and coffee
In the morning SSun and fun on the
In the afternoon Relax by the pool or on the sun terrace
Evening Genuine and authentic flavours for dinner
What else may you ask from
a family holiday?


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