Discovering Cesenatico

The Canal Port

II harbor of Cesenatico was designed by Leonardo da Vinci and represents one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean Sea. On the right side going towards the sea, behind Joseph's bridge is located on the Maritime Museum, unique in Italy.

Continuing we arrive at Piazza Pisacane, where it meets one of the first statues of Giuseppe Garibaldi erected in Italy (1885). The sides of the bridge of the square are two ancient Greek-Byzantine source columns.

Near the canal harbour you will find the old town and in via Giordano Bruno is the Parish Church of St James where there are two paintings by Cagnacci. Close to the main square and arrive to the fish market while, having gone through some streets, one can observe the Preserved (the old "cold technology") in the square.

Returning to Corso Garibaldi you can find the municipal library that preserves a facsimile copy of the sketches made by Leonardo for the port of Cesenatico.

On the left bank of the Canal port is the birthplace of Marino Moretti, writer and poet who died in 1979, at the age of 94 years, now important cultural workshop dedicated to the literature of the ' 900. Backyard Moretti stands the Teatro Comunale, "theatrical Italian factory" designed by architect Candido Panzani and opened in 1885. Currently restored is back to its natural cultural function.

The Museum of the Navy

Open day and night without paying any ticket, the floating Museum of the Navy represents the typical sailing vessels, duly restored, of upper and middle Adriatic used for fishing and for maritime trade.

This museum was created thanks to the value of the port of Cesenatico, the safest in the event of a storm, and already in 800 fishermen of Chioggia is used for Bragozzi.

The port is a synthesis of centuries of seafaring civilization from Trieste up to Pescara. A few other places fuse local maritime traditions with traditions and customs of fishing for high and middle Adriatic, just think of the sails and their recognition, colors or symbols to the sailors.

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