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Town situated in a panoramic position on the Via Emilia between Cesena and Forlì, Bertinoro is located on a hillside of Mount Maggio rich in vineyards. In the eleventh century was already present under the name "Castrum Named" and in 1558 came under the condition of the Church. Bertinoro still holds this medieval appearance.


Is a country located between the plain and the hills. Longiano is a town rich in history, where there are many theatrical and cultural activities. A parchment of 1059 mentions the presence of an ancient fortress used to defend the barbarian invasions. It later became the residence of the Malatesta and used as a defensive bastion of the territories of Rimini.


Besides being a popular seaside resort, it retains many historic monuments. In Piazza Cavour Dell'Arengo palaces are (1204) and The Arch of Augustus. There are many monuments from Roman times: Arch of Augustus, Tiberius bridge, Amphitheatre (whose ruins are visible) built in the 2nd century, Castel Sismondo or Malatesta Malatesta 1452, where the medals and the fresco by Piero della Francesca.

San Leo

Is a country located on a rocky peak considered sacred since the beginning of the 3rd century, when the Church appropriated it making it ideal for the spread of Christianity. Over time San Leo saw an increase in his reputation as an impregnable fortress. Was elevated to the rank of capital of the Kingdom of Italy in 963 by Berengar XI.


It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved fortresses in Romagna. The Castle rests directly on top of the mountain, the "Mons Belli" which translated from Latin means Mount of war. Nowadays the owners of the castle of Montebello are the family Guidi di Bagno feud by Pope Pius II in 1463.

San Marino

The Republic of San Marino was founded in 301 ad and is the oldest Republic in Europe. Located 15 Km from the Adriatic coast and rises to over 700 metres above sea level on Mount Titano. The Republic of San Marino boasts an undisputed primacy on the themes of peace, freedom and universal human rights. The historic centre of San Marino is a monument, heritage for all of humanity.

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Ottimo per le vacanze!!!! Situato a due passi dal mare bellissima zona pedonale!!!!!!!!!!!!! La famiglia Maggi che gestisce l'hotel sono fantastici, i suoi collaboratori eccellenti. È il terzo anno di fila che vado a fare le ... 1981greco

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